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Volume 18 (2013)


Samuli Siikavirta, 𝕻27 (Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1355): A Fresh Analysis

Abstract: This detailed study of 𝕻27 suggests some adjustments to the older editions. In addition to revisiting its measurements and illegible letters (dots), some readings within the manuscript are challenged. A previously unnoticed alpha can be added after a new investigation into the object features of the fragment (απασα, verso line 19). It is noted that 𝕻27 contains some interesting Sonderlesarten often not included in critical editions, e.g. the original aorist passive ε/ηλευθερωθη (verso line 16). The NA27 and NA28 reading of Rom. 8:26 without υπερ ηµων could also be confidently backed up with 𝕻27 vid. Some speculations are raised concerning the almost illegible reading on verso line 6. The possibility of the text reading κρα]ζομεν instead of υιοθε]σιας εν is suggested on the basis of an omission of the second ελαβετε from Rom. 8:15 and the three dots above the last two letters of κρα]ζομεν indicating a pause before the word abba. All in all, the study argues that the papyrus was read publically due to the reading aids that it contains.

Aron Pinker, On the Interpretation of Proverbs 12:27

Abstract:This article suggests that certain difficulties in Prov 12:27 stem from a confusion of the gutturals ח and ע, and interpretation of יקר as an adjective rather than a verbal form of the root קרה. Making these minimal emendations, a balanced and coherent text is obtained for the verse.


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